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On Tuesday, May 9, 2006, Munrab Entertainment hosted The World's First Canine Concert, a musical event at a pitch only dogs could hear. The Canine Concert was performed by Austin's own, porterdavis,interspersed with a magic show entertained by famous magician, Kent Cummins as well as many more surprises!

PetSmart also participated in this event by offering free giveaways, accepting donations for Austin's local animal shelters and answering questions about pet care. The Elgin Humane Society Adoption Center also assisted with inquiries on pet adoption and were accompanied by a couple of their very own who were available for adoption on the spot! The event was FREE and dogs on leashes were welcome to join us! This was an unforgettable event not to be missed! We invite you to spread the word about The World's First Canine Concert and to come back to our site and visit us often!

Magician John Maverick is warming up the crowd with a bull whip while the people and dogs start to stroll over to see what's up.
Not everyone appreciated the world's first Canine concert.
The dogs liked the song "There's A Customer Born Every Minute" best.
MC Kent Cummins introduced the beautiful mermaid who loves Joe Vitale's book on P.T. Barnum.
P.T. Barnum himself returned from the dead to pass the baton of outrageous marketing to Joe Vitale.
P.T. Barnum, the mermaid, and Joe Vitale.
This life-sized version of Joe Vitale's new book produced a mermaid AND P.T. Barnum from deep inside it.
The band Porter Davis rocked the house and stole the show. The dogs loved them!
The media was there, filming the sound equipment run by C.J. Johnson which allowed the music to be heard by dogs (but not cats).
Joe Vitale with the band
Porter Davis
KVUE News showed up to do interviews
KVUE News showed up to do interviews


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